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Nutritional Blood Analysis

Complete blood analysis in 30 minutes with just one drop of blood.  Examined under a high powered microscope, and displayed on a LCD monitor in front of you. Get instant results and a personalized health and wellness plan!


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Seating is limited and you must pre-register.
Cost is $60 for the test.  A $20 deposit is required when you register.
Note: $20 (Non-Refundable) Deposit Per Person.
Two hour fasting on day of test.


The ZYTO Scan

During a ZYTO Scan, the Hand Cradle measures your body's galvanic skin response (GSR).  The data gathered by the Hand Cradle is evaluated by the software in the context of various digital signatures.  Digital signatures are representative of a wide range of things like foods, nutritional supplements, body organs, and systems. 

Digital signatures can be organized into sequences for scanning.  You can think of ZYTO scans as questionnaires to which your body's GSR data provides the answers.

zyto scan.jpg

The ZYTO Compass uses galvanic skin response (GSR) to determine your biological coherence for Virtual Items representing specific nutritional products, oils, and supplements.  At the completion of a scan, the software's analysis is document in the form of a report.  This information helps you make better decisions about which wellness products to purchase and use.  

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Seating is limited and you must pre-resgister.

Cost is $50 for the test.  A $10 deposit is required when you register.

Note: $10 (Non-Refundable) Deposit Per Person. 

Two hour fasting is preferred on day of test.

zyto scan sample.jpg
For any questions please contact us at 912-882-2563 
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